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About Hatay

Orientis Apicem Putcrum

One can start by recalling the words of Ammianus Marcellinus, an almost ancient Roman historian, who described Hatay as a ‘town with lands that are unrivaled in terms of fertility, and trade that is unrivaled in terms of its opportunities and riches.’ One may choose not to trust his words, but it is a fact that he knows the town of Hatay by heart as lived here between the years AD 322-400. The town was named as Treasure of the East or ‘Orientis Apicem Putcrum’ in ancient times. Today it is simply called ‘Hatay’. The heart of the city is Antioch, which is one of the most cosmopolitan towns in Turkey.


AKDENİZ HATAY SOFRASI strives to show Antioch Cuisine’s richness with its breakfast, and also cares showing the hospitality of Antioch City to its customers. Akdeniz Hatay Sofrası is grateful to you for your contributions to our cuisine’s representation in the world.


  • Cash Payment
  • All Credit Cards Accepted
  • Valet Service – Carpark
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Prayer Room
  • Take Away

Food Safety


  • We do not use products in our cuisine as like NaCl, Margarine, Glucose and Coloring materials!
  • Instead of these we cook with the natural products which are good for human health as like Butter, Natural Virgin Olive Oil, Rock and Sea Salt.
  • All of our bakery products are prepared with whole-wheat flour and cooked in the wood-fired oven.


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You can reach our address from the map below